How many more Nirbhayas????

Whenever I read about what happened to 8 year old in Kathua, it sickens me to core. Sometimes, I imagine myself in her place, which fills me with angst and anger. Another moment, I try to feel what her mother have felt after seeing her child’s tortured body. But no Matter how hard we try,... Continue Reading →

दुनिया रंगीन

दुनिया रंगीन पर कितनी रंगहीन ज़िन्दगी गतिशील पर क्यों दिशाहीन धनी धैर्यहीन इंसान संवेदनहीन भिन्न-भिन्न कर्म कर दुर्जन चरित्रवान सज्जन क्यों चरित्रहीन ? आम भी लगे नीम राज करे रीढ़हीन असल में जो बुद्धिहीन मचाते उत्पात गरीब की रोटी छीन कब आएगा वो दिन आज के दुःशासन से जब बदला लेगा भीम शक्ति प्रदर्शन करें... Continue Reading →


कयू रूक गई है,जिंदगी , कयू थम गई है,जिंदगी। कही गुनाह तो किऐ है इनसान ने, तभी नाराज़गी मिली है भगवान से। आज गशत की है परिंदो ने, आसमा भी झूम रहा, फिर कयू है इनसान रो रहा। कही गुनाह तो हुआ है, कयू रूक गई है,जिंदगी ••••• कयू थम गई है जिंदगी,•••••• आज साफContinue... Continue Reading →

#9 Thought of the day

Everything is possible the moment you believe and realize that you can. Everything remains impossible as long as you believe that you can't. People should install a positive attitude within themselves so that it becomes easy for them to attain every goal they wish to achieve... because it is possible.


In today's time, most of the people are busy in 5their daily routine. Out of these, many are feeling alone but they can't Express their feelings, emotions and no one is their to know about it. So they keep everything in their heart and mind. When they are alone. They keep thinking about what's going... Continue Reading →

Mathematics of My Mind

My mind is an irrational number I wonder. Goes on an on boundless and senseless Full of variables it is each waiting for a value to get defined in this incalculable mess of my indeterminate mind Or is it a discontinuous graph ? with ups and downs but suddenly, gets stuck at one point staring... Continue Reading →

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