हारा हूं सौ बार

हारा हूं सौ बार, गुनाहों से लडलड़कर, लेकिन बारम्बार लड़ा हूं, मैं उठ-उठ कर। इससे मेरा हर गुनाह भी मुझसे हारा, मैंने अपने जीवन को इस तरह उबारा, डूबा हूं हर रोज़, किनारे तक आ आकर। लेकिन मैं हर रोज़ उगा हूं जैसे दिनकर, इससे मेरी असफलता भी मुझसे हारी, मैने अपनी सुंदरता इस तरह... Continue Reading →

Talk is Cheap: It isn’t enough to talk about…..

It isn’t enough to talk about action Rather act on your ideas  It isn’t enough to talk about your ideasPut some elbow grease behind them and make it happen It isn’t enough to make it happenUntil you know where you want to go It isn’t enough to know where you want to goUntil you know your... Continue Reading →

Sending Love from a Distance

THERE IS NO DISTANCE BETWEEN HEARTS THAT LOVESo many miles away, I feel your pain and despair.Your country is suffering and I am suffering with you because you are my friends.I may have never met you physically but I know your heart.I know your stories, I know your desires, I know your struggles, I know... Continue Reading →

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