Self-help is the best help. Those who help themselves are always helped by lord. By self help, one gains confidence. He becomes self sufficient. He is free and independent. He never looks to others for any sort of succour. This independent nature takes him to success after success. He never fails in life. His every mission is full of accomplishment. His face shines in glory.

He who looks to others for some favor or the other, can never get self-confidence. He is dependent on others. He is handicap. He is crippled. He lacks conviction. He is wanting in every situation. The wheel of life is always jammed, never moving. If others come to his help, only then he is able to break the sod, otherwise his progress is stationary, never in the gear. To keep the wheel of life always moving and in time, it is essential to be self-supporting standing on one’s own feet. Why wait for crutches and others support.

People say with the pride: ‘I am self made. It is my own achievements. My parents did not leave me any inheritance. it is self-acquired, connected with my own hands. I earned it with the Sweat of my own brows.’ All this points to self help. These are the instances of self made people. Who worked and toiled to the upward in the night who burnt the Midnight oil. They did not rest until the goal was achieved and reached.

By ‘self -help’ we mean helping one self with one’s own hand, utilising all resources at one’s own command, who can move mountains single-handedly Like the Immortal lover Farhad who cut the palace of his Sheeran. This single example of an unparallel courage prove my point of self-help. Let us stand on our own feet looking towards none. Our Motto should be ‘EXCELSIOR’, i.e., “moving forward higher and higher all alone.”

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    1. See audience here. Include your students and friends too.

      In a blog series, we try to understand a topic in the description, step by step, focusing on different aspects of the topic. Either you can complete it in a week or you can write self help post on a particularly dayb(e.g. Wednesday).

      If you will stick some selected topics to write blogs, you can serve better. Start organizing your blog.

      Ummm…you can start with an event.

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  1. Hello Harsimran,

    Self-help is a much needed topic. Thank you for introducing it. I think, you should write more posts on it. A goal-oriented blog series will be a great idea.

    Thank you so much for the post. I want to hear your personal experience if you can share.

    (Personally, I’m kind of individual approach so, self-help is no doubt a big part of my learning. The day, I learned recognising and pronouncing numbers in English…one, two, three… was one of the happiest day of my life.)

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