Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid is an international NGO with the aim to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world. The organization is based on the Sikh principle of “RECOGNIZE THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE AS ONE“.
The charity was founded by Ravinder (Ravi) Singh, who was struck by the plight of the refugees in Kosovo in 1999.

That year also marked the 300th birth anniversary of the Khalsa – an opportunity for the community to reflect on the core teachings of their faith.

Ravi saw the footage of the Kosovan refugees on the news and was inspired by one Sikhi ideology in particular – “Sarbat da Bhalla” meaning “well-being for all” – recognising the humanity in us all and reaching out to those in need, regardless of race, religion, borders.

On that year, khalsa aid was born. The story behind it was-

At the time of the celebration of remarkable 300th anniversary of Khalsa across the UK, and around the world, there were terrible images on the news of refugees struggling to cross the cold and mountainous border to reach a safer and peaceful Albania. Then Ravi Singh Ji read in the newspaper about a small group who were organising an aid convoy to Albania – the Sikhi teaching of ‘Sarbhat da Bhalla’ came rushing to my mind. Then he phoned the group from the newspaper and asked to join them to help deliver aid donated by the Sikh community who had been extremely generous in giving food and money – within two weeks were on our way with two trucks and a van load of aid to Albania. This way khalsa aid was born.

Whilst the inspiration for the charity stems from a strong belief in the Sikh principles, khaksa aid work is by no means restricted to the Sikh community. Khalsa Aid became the first ever cross-border international humanitarian aid organisation based on the Sikh principles.

Since 1999, khalsa aid has been able to provide crucial aid to millions of people around the world: from victims of the Yemen Civil War to refugees landing on the shores of Greece from the Middle East and, more recently, the Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar seeking refuge in Bangladesh; to earthquake, flood and hurricane-stricken areas in Nepal, Australia, and the Caribbean, feeding NHS workers in UK and the poor in India during COVID-19 pandemic. Also khalsa aid is providing free service on singhu border in farmer’s protest by opening free service mall, installing massage services, water coolers and heaters, establishing water proof tents, etc.

Khalsa aid incredible job during lockdown by caring and providing food to migrant workers and needy people.

Recently, Khalsa aid providing free oxygen cylinders to patients as the cases of covid patients increasing day by day in huge number. And launching Panjab and India Medical Appeal.
The organisation is active in over three dozen countries and claims to have contributed for various international projects. And served in 25 states in India and has 20,000 volunteers in the country.

Now the organisation has two major projects: ‘Focus Punjab’ and ‘Langar Aid’.

The organisation faces a good deal of criticism as well. “It is good that they are present everywhere to help people but if one looks at the actual contribution of the organisation in the majority of such projects, it is much below the way they project their work through media reports,” said one of the senior volunteers of KA.

Khalsa Aid has shown the real meaning of business…business of helping people, business of providing free food, business of providing medical aid, business of rehabilitating displaced people.

Khalsa aid and sir Ravi Singh you are doing a great job, your and your team’s sacrifice, dedication, hardwork and responsibility are incredible. Khalsa aid is only the organisation that do selfless seva….

May whole team and Ravi Singh sir long life… and waheguru always blessed you with good health and happiness…

Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh🙏🙏

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