Cancelling 10th exams- right or wrong?????

Some are appreciating the decision of Cancellation of class 10th examination but some are against.

As a teacher, I am also against the decision. As class 10th is base and turning point of student’s career. By cancelling exams, students will not be able to evaluate their weak points and interests in any way. Students and teachers have worked hard in online mode, and this is unfair to both.

As govt already deleted 30% syllabus, and this deleted portion contains 80% important articles which are base of their further studies. And now taken the decision of Cancelling exams, i am not saying health is not important. Health is our priority. If teachers taught through online mode then why exams can’t taken online?????

View on online exams.:

Govt and generally parents says during online exams student can do cheating. But if set time for online exam, i.e., after this particular time, exam will be submit automatically.

One question i want to ask to govt and parents also, during online classes, are the students seriously attending classes????? Teachers teaches them, doing hardwork, devoting time, but who cares????? Students are playing games, doing chatting, join the classes put their audio and video off, doing something else. Teachers are putting their full efforts to teach students. They try to clear every concept. Provides everything, every material to students. But even then they don’t do anything.

Now who is responsible????? Teachers???? Parents???? Government???? Students?????

Why always teachers wrong???? Why did teachers blamed????? Have anyone of you thought deeply about it????

Some Teachers doing their job in very well mannered.

I can justify above statement. I joined the school SOVEREIGN CONVENT SCHOOL in March, 2021. In mid of March, school closed due to pandemic. In our school, final exams were taken in very well mannered and in organized way. Now online classes are going on, most of the students attend the classes in proper school uniform. Teachers are taking online classes on regular basis. Also, students attend the classes and do homework also. Teachers teach them with new methods using teaching aids, and students enjoy.

Teachers doing their job very efficiently. Taking online classes is not an easy task.

Please cooperative.

Thank you.

Stay home, stay safe.♥️♥️

20 thoughts on “Cancelling 10th exams- right or wrong?????

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      1. It has been the same here. I think for around six months children had to be taught at home. There was a lot of concern that they were missing out. Last year exams were cancelled and students were awarded grades based on coursework and homework etc. It was not popular. But it seemed very obviously the right thing to do. If education does not teach respect for life and health – what is the point of it at all?

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      2. Right mam….
        Here students are playing games and class is going on in background…. parents thinking our child is studying but they don’t know the reality…
        On the other side, tests and assignments are given to them.. they attempt by searching from net… nowadays education has zero for students…


      3. It is a real challenge. I think we also had the issue in which a lot of families did not have any electronic devices at all.

        I found it remarkable because I went to school in the days the internet was new, and we used books for everything.

        Life has changed in the past twenty ways in some very silly ways and it takes a pandemic out that we have developed a system that doesn’t work very well at all.

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      4. I imagine many students will be anxious about their exams being cancelled. I know they were last summer.

        I breezed through my exams years ago with all A-grades, but I found that nobody was interested in my exam results when I started to work. They were only interested in my communication abilities, how much work I could get through in a day, and adapting to their policies and pace. It ended up being more about the qualities we had as people that determined how successful we were in a working environment.

        Being flexible, adapting to change, coping with stress and unforeseen situations, keeping a balanced perspective when things go wrong, thinking outside the box, doing what you can in difficult circumstances, some of those qualities are so much more useful than exam results.

        Although I think the Pandemic may have made some worry about their grades, it may have also imparted life-training that could make them more successful adults than a lot of people that only think within the restraints of “system”.

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      5. I agree..
        In our country, grades not matter. Marks in competitive exam matter but because of reservation system, deserving candidate are not getting job…
        That’s why brain drain increased to a lorge extent. Students just want to complete 12th with good marks then give ilets exam and score good band… they try to settle in foreign countries because in foreign countries, marks and other skills matter. But in our country, reservation deteriorate every field..

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      6. It’s so sad the way people can be put in a box because of something like marks in an exam. This is why the system needs to be changed completely – from top to toe. It is a terrible way to treat people.

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  1. Students should get resources they need. Teachers and family should try to develop a healthy environment for learning. I think, it is a good way to start and continue studies.
    Our life is affected by outside activities. We should use our limited time in dissent way.

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      1. I love teaching… teaching is just not my profession its my passion also… when both passion and profession come together there is great combination…. when i was in school and college, i used to clear the doubts of my friends.. then they remembered what i teach them… then i took decision that i have to become a teacher….

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      2. I’m also wanted to be a part of process of learning. I want to teach students in the creative manner. Children should respect each other and develop potential to live their life in their own way (Self-employment).

        Most of the people do not get a chance to work on their dreams and ideas. If we teach children how to implement their ideas and provide favourable circumstances, they’ll give us amazing solutions.

        I wish I can learn all these things, so that I can share it with more people and everyone get benefited.

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