Summary of Book ‘THE SECRET’

“The Secret” is a self-help book regarding the power of positive thinking by Rhonda Byrne. The book suggests the notion that like attracts the like, which means if you emit positive energy, it will be very beneficial because you will attract positive things to you. Byrne proposed that positive thinking magnets positive outcomes. Simply believing in what you want to acquire or become will become of you. The book portrays that the secret is mainly about the law of attraction but it also highlights gratitude and visualization. The primary technique of ask, believe and receive is explained further by stating some facts from some of the Secret’s practitioners. The book promotes encouragement for people in times of trials or deepens their urge to succeed. Happiness, wealth, success in relationships, and even health improvement are all justified as achievable by the application of the so-called secret.

If you just got out of a very low phase of your life and want to turn your life around by creating a fresh and new YOU, this book will definitely help you. Positive advices from credible people, some of them dates back from history are mentioned here. If you want to know the secret to attaining wealth, success, or even happiness for yourself, the key is revealed in The Secret. The author also advises the readers to evoke any negative thoughts before it materializes. It is written here that you can elude misfortunes plainly by not thinking of it.

The book “The Secret” does not only stress the importance of positive thinking, it also gives the readers the resolution to change themselves. Byrne argues that everything is regulated by our thoughts, and that we are in control of our own outcomes. If you are very open to change your perspectives and maintain it that way to reach a better version of yourself, this book may be helpful. Followers of The Secret declare that it helps them attain their heart’s desire and the improvement of their lives. This could also be you, know the secret and be fulfilled.

Lesson 1: One of the strongest rules in life is the law of attraction.

-> The law of attraction states that what you think and feel determines what you’ll attract into your life.

Lesson 2: The law of attraction only works when you think in positives, not negatives.

->The prerequisite for the law of attraction to work, is that he always envisioned the positives that would come into his life, rather than the negatives he was trying to avoid.

Lesson 3: To manifest your dreams, you must ask, believe, and then receive.

  1. Ask. This is about being specific in what you want out of life.
  2. Believe. Here, you must believe that what you want is already yours. Understand that the moment you ask for it, you will have received it. Once you ask, the universe shifts to accommodate for your want. You must have faith in the law.
  3. Receive.The final step in the process is simply receiving what you’ve asked for and relishing in it.

Powerful Processes

As you begin to change your thought patterns, powerful changes will take place in your life. One of the most beneficial steps to begin changing the way you think is to practice gratitude. Start by making a list of all the things you are grateful for. This will shift your energy and, thus, your thoughts. Make gratitude part of your daily routine, and you will see dramatic, positive changes in your life. By feeling more grateful for the things you already have, you start to attract more of the good things.

In addition to gratitude, practicing visualization is also an excellent technique for using the law of attraction. By visualizing what you want, you generate thoughts and feelings as if you already had what you desire. This demonstrates a deep trust in the universe. Creating vision boards can be particularly helpful when visualizing, especially if you put the board in a place that you’ll look at frequently each day.

The Secret to Money

The law of attraction can be applied to every area of life. Money is no exception. However, to invite more money into your life, you must focus on your future wealth, not on any thoughts that say you don’t currently have enough. By focusing on the latter, you will only create more circumstances in which you won’t have enough. Yet, by visualizing and believing that you already have more than enough money, you will manifest it as a reality.

By doing so, you will instantly see your relationship to money change. You will feel more at ease with your finances, and then money will begin to flow into your life. By feeling happy in the present, you will get everything you could want. By radiating feelings of joy, the universe will reflect that back to you in abundance. Byrne argues that this is the fastest way to accumulate money. Wealth is a mindset.

The Secret to Relationships

Any action that we take is first preceded by a thought. Therefore, by looking at our actions, we can see the physical manifestation of our thoughts. If you want to cultivate something in your life, you must ensure that your actions don’t contradict your wants. You must act as if you’ve already received your deepest desires.

This is also true for relationships. If you don’t treat yourself the way you want others to treat
you, your actions contradict your desires for a happy, healthy relationship. First, you must start with yourself. You are responsible for your own joy. When you independently create joy in your life, you’ll naturally be more loving to those that surround you. This will attract more people to you.

By treating yourself with love and respect, the law of attraction will bring people into your life who love and respect you. However, if you don’t love yourself, you will block all of the gifts the universe has to offer. Instead, you will only attract more people, situations, and circumstances that strengthen your belief that you’re unlovable or a bad person. By starting to focus on the positive parts of your character and what you like about yourself, you’ll begin to change your frequency and attract better partners.

The Secret to Health

In the healing arts, the power of the placebo effect is well-known. It’s a powerful phenomenon in which patients are cured even when they’ve been given, for example, a sugar pill as opposed to a pharmaceutical drug.

According to Byrne, this proves that by simply thinking and believing that you’ve been cured, you manifest it as a reality. She controversially believes that if you bring an abundance of positivity and love into your life, you can cure yourself of disease.

Byrne suggests visualizing thoughts of perfection, as she argues that illness cannot reside in a body that has harmonious thoughts. Likewise, if you feel unwell, don’t reinforce any negative thought patterns by talking about how unwell you feel. Instead, do the opposite and talk about how great you feel. According to Byrne’s logic, you can think yourself to a state of perfect health.

The Secret to The World

Byrne argues that if you resist your feelings, you prevent yourself from changing your reality. To change your reality, you must go within yourself and create a new frequency with your thoughts and feelings. By resisting something, you give more energy and power to it. The universe, therefore, sends you more of what you resist.

Consequently, Byrne argues that you cannot help the world by focusing on the negative aspects of it. By absorbing yourself in negative events, you add to them, and you bring more negativity into your life. While you may feel helpless to big world events, you have the power to help change them. By focusing on abundance and love, and transmitting these thoughts out into the universe, you can change the course of events.

The Secret to You

Byrne believes that humans are the most powerful transmission receptors for energy. Every individual vibrates at their own frequency dependent on their thoughts and feelings. The same is said of all the things that you desire. These things are composed of energy and, thus, when you think about what you want, you cause that thing to vibrate at your frequency so that it comes to you. This is because the law of attraction states that like attracts like.

As you are energy, and energy can neither be created or destroyed, the energy of your being will always be. Your energy will always exist. Further, Byrne states that what exists does so within one universal mind and, thus, we are all one. Therefore, when you have negative thoughts, you separate yourself from the one mind and all that is good. Consequently, you should let go of past hurts and negative thoughts.

By becoming aware of your true power, you realize that you are the master of your world. It’s the awareness that is key. By bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings, by asking yourself what you are thinking and feeling throughout the day, you bring awareness to the present. By doing so, you bring awareness to any negative thoughts and feelings, and you are in a position to transform them into positive frequencies.

The Secret to Life

You get to fill your life with whatever you want. With The Secret, you get to have a fresh start. Start doing more of what brings you joy and commit yourself to happiness, and the law of attraction will bring you more joyful things in abundance. As The Secret lives within you, the more you use its power, and the more you will draw it to you. Byrne believes that the world turns, the birds sing, and the sun rises and sets all for you. You are the perfection of life, and that is the truest form of The Secret.

Alluding to the contemporary laws of all sciences, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The energy that exists in the universe as well as in our bodies can only be converted into another form. So, the energy within us will always exist. Since the energy is omnipresent, we can draw from it.

Byrne speaks against overthinking and letting the mind lose control. Before letting our minds free and frenzy into a negative scheme, we must stop and think of the authenticity of our feelings. We can even direct it at the Universe and expect answers. Our mind must also be trained to be patient and aware enough to receive the answers as sent by the Universe.

To have a set aim and dream, we must imagine drawing on a blackboard. The blackboard can be filled with all the things we desire. A way to let go of negativity is to wipe off the negative things. By saying out loud what is left on the board, we can reach out to the Universe. Such imagery can ascertain our purpose in life as well.

What else can you learn from the blinks?

  • How you can deal with negative thoughts on your journey
  • What you can do to apply the law of attraction to intangible desires, like love
  • How to use Rhonda’s ideas to get health, wealth, and happiness
  • Why resistance can be an indicator for what you should let go of.

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