The most important thing is to be honest with yourself. You have to ask yourself which people are in your life that primarily provides more negative energy than positive energy.

It may hurt a bit to get real with yourself but if you want to move forward and upward you have to remove yourself from those that are toxic and suck out your positive energy.

Confusion, envy and strife among other negative feelings exist with people in a negative state. They may have an ailment that they are not addressing or willing to accept and treat. However, you can’t put off your life because they don’t want to be honest with themselves thus continuously become energy vampires that bring you down instead of lifting you up and celebrating you.

No matter whether that person has blood or non-blood relation , you DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND LIVE THE ABUNDANT LIFE THAT GOD PROMISED. People who are not honest with themselves are in fact not willing to love themselves. It takes a great deal of courage to love yourself fully.

If a person is not willing to love themselves, well then how can they truly love others?

You have to be willing to give love to yourself before you can even begin to give it to someone else.

Love yourself and consider yourself your best friend. Others pretend to be your good friends, but at one moment, when you need them, they leave you. Not everyone leaves you but most do… so be yourself.


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  1. Being self and being honest is one of the strongest quality of a human, with the mind and the heart.

    Everything else in life is just something we have created in our social fabric.

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  2. Nice post, and well said. We must first find ourselves and be able to be sit by ourselves and be at peace. Only then we can be at peace among others. Also, filtering people also sounds important, to have more uplifting people around is sure helpful.

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