Every day I do my work with great enthusiasm. But sometimes I feel my energy level down and become frustrated.
I can’t concentrate on my work and feel demotivated. It hasn’t happened to you or me only, most people are undergoing through this situation.
In this age, we are taking participation in a race, race for fast money, fast job . We don’t know what is the end point. Just we have to compete others at any cost and anyhow.
This is the main motive of everyone. And we become associated with stress, health problems due to overnight work pressure, unfulfilled target etc. This frustration permeates if you are not getting success in your work or due to illness, overwork.

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Find the inspiration:

To get motivation for any work you have to find the object what gives the inspiration. Inspiration is an entity which comes from inner self, whereas motivation you may get outside.

People consider motivation and inspiration as same. But these two are different phenomena.
you have to find out the source of inspiration that can motivate you the whole day. You may get the inspiration from the biographies of great personalities or successful businessmen, players, actors.You can get inspiration from the quotes and biographies of great personalities like Edison, Lincon, Bill Gates.

Feel excited:

To overcome frustration, you have to stay excited. If you are not getting the excitement you can’t stay motivated. To excel in your work you have to stay excited, yes you have to find a way that can elicit you to gain excitement.

Inspiration is the first step which makes the environment of motivation and then comes the stage of excitement. A football player scores a goal he is cheered by the huge crowd. this excitement entices him to score another goal.

To burn the spark of excitement, celebrate every success you achieve. Whether it is a small one or big one doesn’t matter. Just celebrate.

This is an energy source which works as a catalyst to propel you to your desired destination.

✴Set a goal:

I am not going to teach you goal setting here. But I wanna say that without goal setting you can’t do anything. Setting a perfect goal can lead you to achieve this.

Many people target different goals simultaneously. In this way, you can’t focus on your goals. To achieve goals you have to be focused with energy.

When you focus a magnifying glass on a piece of paper without vibrating your hand, the paper burns. If you slightly vibrate your hand the focal point gets disturbed and the paper is not burnt.

If you focus completely on a work there is no force which can violate you. You can accomplish your task at the mid of the crowded marketplace.

If you are trying to achieve more than one goals simultaneously then you can’t concentrate and loose the focus. First, target a single goal and after achieving it set the other one.

✴Post your goal:

Write down your goals using pen and paper. This is highly effective. Writing makes you perfect. Your goal may be one but steps must be different.

Suppose you have a goal to earn $50000 per month. Then decide what are the steps to earn that amount. The steps may be like ‘skill improvement’, ‘technical training’, ‘work performance’ etc.

Write these down on paper. If you break the goal into small steps then it will be easier to target. Then recite the steps daily at least 2 times. Stick the page on a board where you can see it.

Then you will see the magic happens. It will work like a mantra and the LAW OF ATTRACTION will work. You will definitely get the ideas to accomplish the steps you have written.
You may create some infographics or picture related to your goal and stick it to the wall. This is a great formula given by NAPOLEON HILL. Then it became diversified gradually.

Then think read and think about it daily without any gap. Soon you will realize the effect of autosuggestion.

✴Make your plan perfectly:

When you make up your mind to go on a vacation, what do you do? Planning, yes you make a plan before 10-15 days, surf the internet do research like how to go, where to stay, best tourism places etc.

Because you don’t wanna be bothered later. Like that before starting any work make a good planning. You can keep a plan book like a monthly planner or use some kinda android apps.

When you watch a movie you get the entertainment in 2- 3 hours. But have you ever thought how much time the producers, directors have spent on planning only?

Any corporate work is fast planned then the tasks are assigned to the staffs. Then the work becomes smooth as the whole members work together as a system to complete the task.

If you make a good planning and review the steps one by one then your work will be easier.

Take a break from work:

Don’t overwork. Give some time to your family, friends. Spend a week roaming outside countries. It will definitely boost your work interest.

First thing you have to think why do you need money? If you can’t spend money on your entertainment, vacation, luxury then it is a waste.

Social mingling and social work will boost your personality and energy. Don’t be a well frog, come out from the well and see the world.

Don’t make your life so boring, go for a movie with your family, go on a trip with friends and enjoy.

Remove the negativity and think positive:

When you want to start a work then the negative thought will hover in your mind like:

‘No you can’t do that’, ‘you can’t get success’, ‘this is a tough task’, ‘what people will say if you fail’, blab la bla …

you have to make up your mind to stay positive. See and find the benefits of your task you are going to start instead of looking the negative points.

Write down the benefits and focus on that. In this way, it will be easier to handle the task.

Fear of failure might be the main cause behind this negativity but if you fall into the habit of positive thinking then surely you can easily overcome this. You have to understand the mind game.

Every morning get up and recite:

‘I am the best’

‘Today is the best day in my life’

‘I will transform the lives of others’

In this way can keep yourself positive.

Eat healthy and stay healthy:

Food has a lot of impact on health. Good quality food like fresh vegetables, fruits, meat (I am a vegetarian but don’t hate non-veg food) is enriched with vitamins, proteins, which can be helpful to build your body and mind.

Try to avoid stale and spicy food. Take some almond with warm milk in the morning. That will make your whole day energetic.

Most people consume hot spicy junk food in greed. And later get the result as constipation, overweight. Always try to take green vegetables, salad in your meal which will enhance your digestion and control the body weight. Vegetarian diet keeps your mind calm and body fit.

Always get up early in the morning, good before 6 o clock or between 6- 7 am. Go on a morning walk or jogging, yoga, aerobics which will keep your whole day fresh and energetic.

Do selfless work:

Everyday try to do any selfless work, I mean provide service without expecting anything in return. You may serve the helpless, poor, destitute or help people suffering from illness.

In this way, you will feel the inner purity and joy. When internal happiness arises the external sorrow vanishes.

People try to find happiness in the materialistic world, but they always forget that the materialistic world will vanish one day.

Teach poor kids, Join any group or NGO who help people in the disaster.

Only your work will remain forever. Nobody will remind you for how much bank balance you have or university degree you have achieved, only you will be reminded of your good work or service.

Mother Teresa is no more between us, but her service made her immortal. Thomas Edison is no more, but his electricity is glowing all over the world.

✴Share your knowledge:

If you share your money it may be reduced, but if you share your knowledge it will increase.

Knowledge is the best investment which returns you with the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

– Benjamin Franklin

The more you share the more you gain. Teach people whatever you know, write articles, publish books. The Internet is the best medium to share and gain knowledge.

When people appreciate your work, you will definitely get inspiration.

Hope you might have liked the article.

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