Life without mom

Worst day in my life when i lost my lifeline, my mother. I’m not sure how one describes the jumble of emotions, the racket of wailings or the enduring isolation that follows when mother passes. Sense no longer works as a blanket of indifference that separates you from the raw emotions and delight of life.... Continue Reading →


The most important thing is to be honest with yourself. You have to ask yourself which people are in your life that primarily provides more negative energy than positive energy. It may hurt a bit to get real with yourself but if you want to move forward and upward you have to remove yourself from... Continue Reading →

#10 Thought of the day

Heart Says - Lub - Dub ... When Heart beats it says " lub - dub ". - Do you know what it means ...? LUB says " Live Your life Best " DUB says " Do Your Best in life " Enjoy every heart beat. Stay home.... stay happy ☺☺


कयू रूक गई है,जिंदगी , कयू थम गई है,जिंदगी। कही गुनाह तो किऐ है इनसान ने, तभी नाराज़गी मिली है भगवान से। आज गशत की है परिंदो ने, आसमा भी झूम रहा, फिर कयू है इनसान रो रहा। कही गुनाह तो हुआ है, कयू रूक गई है,जिंदगी ••••• कयू थम गई है जिंदगी,•••••• आज साफContinue... Continue Reading →

#9 Thought of the day

Everything is possible the moment you believe and realize that you can. Everything remains impossible as long as you believe that you can't. People should install a positive attitude within themselves so that it becomes easy for them to attain every goal they wish to achieve... because it is possible.

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